2017-03-11 pwpiwiCreate directory client/obj/crapto1 (missing in commit...
2017-03-09 pwpiwiCode cleanup: deduplicate crapto1 library (#228)
2017-03-08 IcemanMerge pull request #230 from zhovner/master
2017-03-08 Pavel ZhovnerAdding homebrew tap method for macOS 230/head
2017-03-08 IcemanMerge pull request #229 from marshmellow42/master
2017-03-07 marshmellow42add iceman1001 s lf visa2000 commands 229/head
2017-03-06 pwpiwiMerge pull request #227 from pwpiwi/client_fixes
2017-03-06 pwpiwiClient code cleanup: 227/head
2017-03-06 IcemanMerge pull request #226 from pwpiwi/fix_defines
2017-03-06 IcemanMerge pull request #225 from pwpiwi/armsrc_header_fixes
2017-03-06 pwpiwiFix some #defines 226/head
2017-03-06 pwpiwiRemove local armsrc/stdint.h and fix some other #includes 225/head
2017-03-04 IcemanMerge pull request #223 from 4m4rOk/master
2017-03-04 LucaTypo fix for CmdPing 223/head
2017-03-04 pwpiwiMerge pull request #221 from jamchamb/clean-mfu-dump
2017-03-03 James Chambersmake clean_ascii a util function 221/head
2017-03-03 James Chambersclean up unprintable characters in MFU dump output
2017-03-01 pwpiwiMerge pull request #220 from marshmellow42/master
2017-02-28 marshmellow42update changelog 220/head
2017-02-28 marshmellow42fix stt mark location bug
2017-02-28 marshmellow42implement marking the second STT when detected
2017-02-28 marshmellow42Add 2 pre-setable markers for the graph
2017-02-28 marshmellow42fix em410x XL bug
2017-02-28 marshmellow42adjust em4x05/em4x69 command timings to...
2017-02-28 marshmellow42fix STT bug for strong waves (or cleaned ones)
2017-02-28 marshmellow42Add a retry loop to hf mf dump
2017-02-28 IcemanMerge pull request #219 from marshmellow42/master
2017-02-28 marshmellow42Adjust global variable name 219/head
2017-02-27 pwpiwifix for Kali Linux users (Issue #218)
2017-02-27 marshmellow42adjust timeouts on lf read/lf search to no timeout...
2017-02-24 pwpiwiFix issues with commit 4197a3f on some linux distributi...
2017-02-24 marshmellow42the timeout on lf read makes the threshold ...
2017-02-24 Jeff MorschMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-02-23 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-02-23 marshmellow42cleanup
2017-02-23 pwpiwiMake LUA scripting work even if proxmark3 is called...
2017-02-23 pwpiwiCode cleanup:
2017-02-22 pwpiwiCode cleanup:
2017-02-22 pwpiwiMerge pull request #216 from marshmellow42/master
2017-02-22 marshmellow42small text adjustments plus... 216/head
2017-02-22 marshmellow42fix false positive psk demod with fsk wave
2017-02-21 marshmellow42update changelog
2017-02-21 IcemanMerge pull request #215 from AdamLaurie/master
2017-02-21 Adam Lauriebuspirate config for debricking 215/head
2017-02-21 marshmellow42simplified lf em command structure
2017-02-21 marshmellow42cleanup cmdlfem4x.h - add chip detection to ...
2017-02-21 marshmellow42add em4x05 config printout
2017-02-20 marshmellow42shorten em4x05 capture samples
2017-02-20 marshmellow42speed up the em4x05 cmds by only getting 6k...
2017-02-20 IcemanMerge pull request #214 from jamchamb/fix-hf-reader
2017-02-20 James Chambersfix recvLen variable name in hf_reader 214/head
2017-02-20 marshmellow42add em4x05 info command
2017-02-20 marshmellow42fix dump output
2017-02-20 marshmellow42a little cleanup
2017-02-17 marshmellow42@iceman1001 s idea to output failure report
2017-02-17 marshmellow42add psk to em4x05 reads and tweak psk demod
2017-02-17 marshmellow42minor fixes for FSK demod
2017-02-17 marshmellow42em4x05 getting better
2017-02-16 marshmellow42a couple em4x05 fixes.
2017-02-16 marshmellow42EM4x05/EM4x69 continued + a couple of icemans utils.
2017-02-15 marshmellow42couple q5 fixes + continue with em4x05 em4x69..
2017-02-13 marshmellow42update em4x05/em4x69 cmds
2017-02-08 pwpiwiMerge pull request #211 from marshmellow42/master
2017-02-04 marshmellow42update changelog 211/head
2017-02-03 marshmellow42Add @Iceman1001 s cotag read
2017-02-01 marshmellow42add check for no wave in graphbuffer prior to...
2017-01-31 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-01-31 marshmellow42flag needed for some compile environments
2017-01-28 pwpiwiMerge pull request #209 from micolous/14a-random-nonce
2017-01-26 Michael Farrellhf mf sim: Multiple fixes from review of PR #209. 209/head
2017-01-26 pwpiwiMerge pull request #208 from marshmellow42/master
2017-01-26 Michael FarrellAdds random nonce (r) option to `hf mf sim`.
2017-01-20 marshmellow42bug fixes - LF rawdemod am and ST 208/head
2016-12-19 IcemanMerge pull request #202 from marshmellow42/master
2016-12-19 marshmellow42fixed lf antenna left on bug && some iclass ... 202/head
2016-12-16 marshmellow42a few bug fixes with adding hitag detection to...
2016-11-29 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2016-11-29 marshmellow42fix iclass write
2016-10-08 IcemanMerge pull request #119 from marshmellow42/pm3+reveng
2016-09-26 ikarusFixed all "misleading-indentation" warnings (fixes...
2016-09-26 ikarusRevert "Do not treat gcc's "misleading-indentation...
2016-09-26 ikarusDo not treat gcc's "misleading-indentation" warning...
2016-09-25 IcemanMerge pull request #197 from menshiyun/test-pr
2016-09-25 menshiyunfix client/Makefile 197/head
2016-09-25 menshiyunfix client/Makefile
2016-09-24 menshiyuntest-pr
2016-09-23 IcemanMerge pull request #196 from k02a/patch-5
2016-09-14 Johnny BengtssonCode cleanup 196/head
2016-09-13 IcemanMerge pull request #195 from k02a/patch-4
2016-09-13 Johnny BengtssonWarning removal fix 195/head
2016-09-12 IcemanUpdate README.txt
2016-09-12 IcemanMerge pull request #193 from k02a/patch-2
2016-09-12 IcemanMerge pull request #192 from k02a/patch-1
2016-09-12 Johnny BengtssonBetter Linux compilation compability 193/head
2016-09-12 Johnny BengtssonBetter Linux compilation compability 192/head
2016-08-25 marshmellow42Merge pull request #7 from marshmellow42/hitag2_tests
2016-08-12 IcemanMerge pull request #184 from koalazak/patch-1
2016-08-12 IcemanMerge pull request #185 from marshmellow42/master
2016-08-04 marshmellow42attempt hitag2 uid read for lf search
2016-07-28 marshmellow42disable extra attack - disable stats.txt 185/head
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