Jtagkey: Fixed order of ftdi initialization.
[usb-driver] / jtagkey.c
2011-01-26 Michal DeminJtagkey: Fixed order of ftdi initialization.
2011-01-23 Michal DeminAdd support for different interfaces on FTDI chips.
2010-05-24 Michael Gernothfix jtagkey warnings on 64 bit
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothimprove debug output
2007-11-03 Michael Gernothdo not export unnecessary symbols
2007-08-18 Michael Gernothinclude inttypes.h
2007-05-01 michaelmonitor tdi, too
2007-05-01 michaeladd the possibility to monitor the JTAG state machine
2007-05-01 michaelprogramming is now abaout as fast as a parallel cable...
2007-05-01 michaelsome microoptimazation
2007-04-30 michaelcorrectly set the baudrate, this speeds up things a bit
2007-04-30 michaelimprove performance by using threads
2007-04-30 michaelfix prom readback, but this slows everything down again...
2007-04-30 michaelunify parallel and jtagkey interface
2007-04-29 michaelremove old debug message
2007-04-29 michaelmake sure that there is valid data if the last command...
2007-04-29 michaeluse the right tool for the job!
2007-04-29 michaelsome more performance improvements
2007-04-29 michaelonly read pins when needed, now it's a bit faster than...
2007-04-29 michaelremove useless code
2007-04-29 michaelcorrectly handle cases where the usb chunksize is small...
2007-04-29 michaelincrease programming speed by a factor of 4.
2007-04-29 michaelignore no-ops
2007-04-29 michaelmuch faster programming via FTDI2232 now.
2007-04-29 michaelimprove performance by
2007-04-29 michaelfirst bits for amontec jtagkey
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