load driver automatically if not loaded
[raggedstone] / dhwk / Makefile
2007-03-11 sithglanload driver automatically if not loaded
2007-03-11 sithglantest target
2007-03-10 michaelcleaner
2007-03-10 michaelcleanup after coregen
2007-03-10 michaelmissing renames...
2007-03-10 michaelrename fifo to dhwk_fifo
2007-03-10 michaeldon't rewrite .xco all the time
2007-03-10 michaelmake clean makes really clean now
2007-03-10 michaelremove build fifo, ila and icon
2007-03-10 michaelit synthesizes
2007-03-10 sithglanfirst import of dhwk.
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