descriptionCLI utilities for Fujitsu Siemens RSB S2 remote management boards
ownerMichael Gernoth
last changeFri, 30 Apr 2021 10:05:43 +0000 (12:05 +0200)
2021-04-30 Michael Gernothsupermicro-kvm: handle redirects to https master
2020-02-22 Thomas Glanzmannadd $url to exceptions.sites if the file exists
2020-02-22 Thomas Glanzmannwhitespace cleanup; URL to buster oracle jre
2018-02-09 Michael Gernothfirmware: fix firmware extraction
2018-02-09 Michael Gernothfirmware: update for 64bit platforms
2017-05-07 Thomas Glanzmannlist ipmi boards one per line
2017-05-07 Thomas Glanzmannadd howto exception list
2017-04-13 Michael Gernothsupermicro-kvm: set java toolkit to JWT to fix window...
2017-03-20 Michael Gernothcheck if card alias exists
2017-03-20 Michael add script to connect to supermicro...
2017-03-20 Michael exit after spawning gui
2012-12-23 Michael Gernothuse of qw() as parentheses is deprecated...
2011-10-09 Michael Gernothuse MOTIF for GUI, fixes video redirection window problems
2010-12-25 Rainer Sennwitzadd to appletviewer...
2010-08-24 Michael Gernothadd photo of prototype
2010-08-24 Michael Gernothjust a bit documentation...
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