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1# Change Log
2All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
3This project uses the changelog in accordance with [keepchangelog]( Please use this to write notable changes, which is not the same as git commit log...
5## [unreleased][unreleased]
9f383913 7### Changed
4b5d696c 8- Changed hf mfp security. Now it works in all the modes. (drHatson)
6b882a39 9- `hf fido` - show/check DER certificate and signatures (Merlok)
7b6e3205 10- Changed `lf hitag reader 0x ... <firstPage> <tagmode>` - to select first page to read and tagmode (0=STANDARD, 1=ADVANCED, 2=FAST_ADVANCED)
11- Accept hitagS con0 tags with memory bits set to 11 and handle like 2048 tag
9f383913 12
13### Fixed
7b6e3205 14- AC-Mode decoding for HitagS
d9de20fa 15- Wrong UID at HitagS simulation
fc52fbd4 16- `hf 15 sim` now works as expected (piwi)
faa35ae0 17- `hf mf chk t` save to emulator memory now works as expected (mwalker)
18 - Fix `hf mf sim` - wrong access rights to write key B in trailer (@McEloff)
9f383913 20### Added
5a446cb2 21- Added to `hf 14a apdu` print apdu and compose apdu (@merlokk)
096dee17 22- Added `hf 15 csetuid` - set UID on ISO-15693 Magic tags (t0m4)
2de26056 23- Added `lf config s xxxx` option to allow skipping x samples before capture (marshmellow)
24- Added `lf em 4x05protect` to support changing protection blocks on em4x05 chips (marshmellow)
7b6e3205 25- Support Standard Communication Mode in HITAG S
39cc1c87 26- Added `hf emv scan` - commands for scan EMV card and dump data to json file (Merlok)
ae3340a0 27- `hf mfp` group of commands (Merlok)
39cc1c87 28- Added `hf fido` - FIDO U2F authenticator commands (Merlok)
7b6e3205 29- Added `lf hitag reader 03` - read block (instead of pages)
30- Added `lf hitag reader 04` - read block (instead of pages)
0bb51450 31- Added `hf fido` `assert` and `make` commands from fido2 protocol (authenticatorMakeCredential and authenticatorGetAssertion) (Merlok)
5f84531b 32- Added `lf paradox clone` to clone a Paradox card
faa35ae0 33- Added `emv` commands working for both contactless and smart cards (Merlok)
fc52fbd4 34- Added `hf 15 snoop` (piwi)
35- Added support for standard USB Smartcard Readers (piwi)
36- Added `hf plot` (piwi)
37- Added `hf mfp mad` `hf mf mad` parsing MAD1 and MAD2 (Merlok)
38- Added `hf mfp ndef` `hf mf ndef` parsing NDEF records (Merlok)
a8561e35 39- Added Mifare Mini, Mifare 2K and 4K support to `hf mf sim` (piwi)
bad58246 40- Added Legic detection to `hf search` (dnet)
5f18b0c4 41- Added Home (Pos1) and End key bindings to the plot GUI (based on @mcd1992)
d3521ae6 42- Added downlink reference mode option r <mode> [ 0 - (or missing) default/fixed bit, 1 - long leading, 2 - leading 0 and 3 - 1 of 4 ] to `lf t55xx detect`, `lf t55xx read`, `lf t55xx write`, and `lf t55xx bruteforce`
43- Added special option `r 4` to bruteforce, to try all downlink modes (0,1,2 and 3) for each password
3a5ffba7 44- `hf mfu info` now checks the NXP Originality Signature if availabe (piwi)
0b4efbde 45- Added `hf mf personalize` to personalize the UID option of Mifare Classic EV1 cards (piwi)
d3521ae6 46
5f84531b 47
9f383913 48## [v3.1.0][2018-10-10]
59d86baf 50### Changed
2896e490 51- Adjusted `lf cmdread` to respond to client when complete and the client will then automatically call `data samples`
9f383913 52- Improved backdoor detection misbehaving magic s50/1k tag (Fl0-0)
3a05a1e7 53- Deleted wipe functionality from `hf mf csetuid` (Merlok)
54- Changed `hf mf nested` logic (Merlok)
55- Added `hf mf nested` mode: autosearch keys for attack (from well known keys) (Merlok)
56- `hf mf nested` Check keys after they have found (Merlok)
57- `hf mf chk` Move main cycle to arm (Merlok)
aa757f71 58- Changed proxmark command line parameter `flush` to `-f` or `-flush` (Merlok)
9f383913 59- Changed `hf 14a reader` to just request-anticolission-select sequence (Merlok)
1d6f7bc8 60- Changed `hf 14a raw` - works with LED's and some exchange logic (Merlok)
3c5fce2b 61- Changed TLV parser messages to more convenient (Merlok)
da05bc6e 62- Rewritten Legic Prime reader (`hf legic reader`, `write` and `fill`) - it is using xcorrelation now (AntiCat)
6e3d8d67 63- `hf 14a` commands works via argtable3 commandline parsing library (Merlok)
fc7a78f2 64- HID LF operations on firmware updated for complete native support of long (>37 bit) HID tags (grauerfuchs)
2dedd5ea 65- Changed Legic Prime tag simulator (`hf legic sim`) to run from 212 kHz SSP clock for better reliability (AntiCat)
59d86baf 66
67### Fixed
aa757f71 68- Changed start sequence in Qt mode (fix: short commands hangs main Qt thread) (Merlok)
e475fce4 69- Changed driver file proxmark3.inf to support both old and new Product/Vendor IDs (piwi)
8c2ae217 70- Changed all command line parsers in `hf emv` commands to argtable (Merlok)
2a537311 71- Implemented AppNap API, fixing #283 and #627 OSX USB comm issues (AntiCat)
59d86baf 72
73### Added
43591e64 74- Added `sc` smartcard (contact card) commands - reader, info, raw, upgrade, setclock, list (hardware version RDV4.0 only) must turn option on in makefile options (Willok, Iceman, marshmellow)
2896e490 75- Added a bitbang mode to `lf cmdread` if delay is 0 the cmd bits turn off and on the antenna with 0 and 1 respectively (marshmellow)
69f42a05 76- Added PAC/Stanley detection to lf search (marshmellow)
77- Added lf pac demod and lf pac read - extracts the raw blocks from a PAC/Stanley tag (marshmellow)
9f383913 78- Added hf mf c* commands compatibility for 4k and gen1b backdoor (Fl0-0)
7906cb41 79- Added backdoor detection for gen1b magic s70/4k tag (Fl0-0)
69f42a05 80- Added data fsktonrz, a fsk cleaning/demodulating routine for weak fsk signal. Note: follow this up with a `data rawdemod nr` to finish demoding your signal. (marshmellow)
1dc0500b 81- Added lf em 410xbrute, LF EM410x reader bruteforce attack by simulating UIDs from a file (Fl0-0)
3a05a1e7 82- Added `hf mf cwipe` command. It wipes "magic Chinese" card. For 1a generation it uses card's "wipe" command. For gen1a and gen1b it uses a write command. (Merlok)
83- Added to `hf mf nested` source key check before attack (Merlok)
84- Added to `hf mf nested` after attack it checks all found keys on non-open sectors (Merlok)
9f383913 85- `hf mf chk` Added settings to set iso14443a operations timeout. default timeout set to 500us (Merlok)
0c86cb01 86- Added to `hf mf nested` parameters `s` and `ss` for checking slow cards (Merlok)
87- Added to proxmark command line parameters `w` - wait 20s for serial port (Merlok)
88- Added to proxmark command line parameters `c` and `l` - execute command and lua script from command line (Merlok)
89- Added to proxmark ability to execute commands from stdin (pipe) (Merlok)
90- Added `hf 14a info` and moved there functionality from `hf 14a reader` (Merlok)
91- Added to `hf 14a info` detection of weak prng from Iceman1001 fork (Merlok)
1d6f7bc8 92- Added to `hf 14a apdu` - exchange apdu via iso1443-4 (Merlok)
93- Added to `hf 14a apdu` - apdu and tlv results parser (Merlok)
94- Added `hf emv` group of commands (Merlok)
95- Added `hf emv search` `hf emv pse` - commands for selection of EMV application (Merlok)
96- Added `hf emv select` - command for select EMV application (Merlok)
44128a0e 97- Added `hf emv exec` - command for execute EMV transaction (Merlok)
98- Added to `hf emv exec` MSD path for VISA and Mastercard and some other compatible EMV cards (Merlok)
99- Added to `hf emv exec` SDA, DDA, fast DDA, CDA calculations for VISA and Mastercard and some other compatible EMV cards (Merlok)
100- Added `hf emv test` - crypto tests for DES, AES, SHA, RSA, SDA, DDA, CDA and some other crypto functions (Merlok)
079563a0 101- Added `hf list mf` - deciphers crypto1 stream and works with first authentication and weak nested authentications (Merlok)
8c2ae217 102- Added to `hf emv` commands: `gpo`, `readrec`, `genac`, `challenge`, `intauth` - commands working with EMV cards (Merlok)
fc7a78f2 103- Added `lf hid encode` and `lf hid decode` commands to translate printed HID card data to and from the packed data transmitted by a prox tag (grauerfuchs)
104- Added `lf hid write` command, which operates as a macro for encode followed by clone operations (grauerfuchs)
b63bd049 105
106## [3.0.1][2017-06-08]
108### Fixed
109- Compiles on OS X
110- Compiles with gcc 4.9
111- Compiles for non-Intel CPUs
114## [3.0.0][2017-06-05]
59d86baf 115
116### Added
117- Added lf hitag write 24, the command writes a block to hitag2 tags in crypto mode (henjo)
e46fe044 119### Added
e475fce4 120- Added hf mf hardnested, an attack working for hardened Mifare cards (EV1, Mifare Plus SL1) where hf mf nested fails (piwi)
605524b1 121- Added experimental testmode write option for t55xx (danger) (marshmellow)
122- Added t55xx p1detect to `lf search` chip detections (marshmellow)
123- Added lf t55xx p1detect, detect page 1 of a t55xx tag based on E015 mfg code (marshmellow)
a9968da3 124- Added lf noralsy demod, read, clone, sim commands (iceman)
125- Added lf jablotron demod, read, clone, sim commands (iceman)
126- Added lf nexwatch read - reads a nexwatch tag from the antenna
127- Added lf paradox read - reads a paradox tag from the antenna
4db6f3bb 128- Added lf fdx sim (iceman)
a9968da3 129- Added lf fdx clone - clones an fdx-b animal tag to t55x7 or q5 (iceman)
130- Added lf fdx read - reads a fdx-b tag from the antenna (iceman)
131- Added lf gproxii read - reads a gproxii tag from the antenna (marshmellow)
132- Added lf indala read - reads an indala tag from the antenna (marshmellow)
8b6abef5 133- Added lf visa2000 demod, read, clone, sim commands (iceman)
ebd95feb 134- Added markers in the graph around found Sequence Terminator after askmandemod.
135- Added data mtrim <start> <stop> command to trim out samples between start and stop
136- Added data setgraphmarkers <orange> <blue> command to set two extra markers on the graph (marshmellow)
b7fc61f0 137- Added EM4x05/EM4x69 chip detection to lf search (marshmellow)
138- Added lf em 4x05dump command to read and output all the blocks of the chip (marshmellow)
139- Added lf em 4x05info command to read and display information about the chip (marshmellow)
f1e6629b 140- Added lf cotag read, and added it to lf search (iceman)
89696b8b 141- Added hitag2 read UID only and added that to lf search (marshmellow)
76ef5273 142- Added lf pyramid commands (iceman)
143- Added lf presco commands - some bits not fully understood... (iceman)
144- Added experimental HitagS support (Oguzhan Cicek, Hendrik Schwartke, Ralf Spenneberg)
145 see
146 English video available
e452cfb4 147- Added a LF ASK Sequence Terminator detection option to the standard ask demod - and applied it to `lf search u`, `lf t55xx detect`, and `data rawdemod am s` (marshmellow)
506672c4 148- `lf t55xx bruteforce <start password> <end password> [i <*.dic>]` - Simple bruteforce attack to find password - (iceman and others)
149- `lf viking clone`- clone viking tag to t55x7 or Q5 from 4byte hex ID input
150- `lf viking sim` - sim full viking tag from 4byte hex ID input
151- `lf viking read` - read viking tag and output ID
152- `lf t55xx wipe` - sets t55xx back to factory defaults
415274a7 153- Added viking demod to `lf search` (marshmellow)
f2fc0a9c 154- `lf viking demod` demod viking id tag from graphbuffer (marshmellow)
76ef5273 155- `lf t55xx resetread` added reset then read command - should allow determining start of stream transmissions (marshmellow)
88f475cf 156- `lf t55xx wakeup` added wake with password (AOR) to allow lf search or standard lf read after (iceman, marshmellow)
7a8344d0 157- `hf iclass managekeys` to save, load and manage iclass keys. (adjusted most commands to accept a loaded key in memory) (marshmellow)
158- `hf iclass readblk` to select, authenticate, and read 1 block from an iclass card (marshmellow)
85f581c7 159- `hf iclass writeblk` to select, authenticate, and write 1 block to an iclass card (or picopass) (marshmellow + others)
7a8344d0 160- `hf iclass clone` to take a saved dump file and clone selected blocks to a new tag (marshmellow + others)
161- `hf iclass calcnewkey` - to calculate the div_key change to change a key - (experimental) (marshmellow + others)
162- `hf iclass encryptblk` - to encrypt a data block hex to prep for writing that block (marshmellow)
e46fe044 163- ISO14443a stand-alone operation with ARM CFLAG="WITH_ISO14443a_StandAlone". This code can read & emulate two banks of 14a tag UIDs and write to "magic" cards (Craig Young)
769791d4 164- AWID26 command context added as 'lf awid' containing realtime demodulation as well as cloning/simulation based on tag numbers (Craig Young)
165- Added 'hw status'. This command makes the ARM print out some runtime information. (holiman)
166- Added 'hw ping'. This command just sends a usb packets and checks if the pm3 is responsive. Can be used to abort certain operations which supports abort over usb. (holiman)
f6821167 167- Added `data hex2bin` and `data bin2hex` for command line conversion between binary and hexadecimal (holiman)
edc9ce00 168- Added 'hf snoop'. This command take digitalized signal from FPGA and put in BigBuffer. (pwpiwi + enio)
d9cc4e1a 169- Added Topaz (NFC type 1) protocol support ('hf topaz reader', 'hf list topaz', 'hf 14a raw -T', 'hf topaz snoop'). (piwi)
170- Added option c to 'hf list' (mark CRC bytes) (piwi)
769791d4 171
2c3c08bd 172### Changed
bb4e6dbd 173- Adjusted the lf demods to auto align and set the grid for the graph plot.
f9a6e84c 174- `lf snoop` now automatically gets samples from the device
175- `lf read` now accepts [#samples] as arg. && now automatically gets samples from the device
605524b1 176- adjusted lf t5 chip timings to use WaitUS. and adjusted the readblock timings
177 appears to have more consistent results with more antennas.
b97311b1 178- `lf t5 wakeup` has been adjusted to not need the p in front of the pwd arg.
5bce72d5 179- `data psknexwatchdemod` has been moved to `lf nexwatch demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
180- `data fskparadoxdemod` has been moved to `lf paradox demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
4db6f3bb 181- `data fdxdemod` has been moved to `lf fdx demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
946a84c3 182- `data askgproxiidemod has been moved to `lf gproxii demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
0fb65a26 183- `lf indalaclone` has been moved to `lf indala clone`
184- `lf indalademod` has been moved to `lf indala altdemod` (reads from graphbuffer)
185- `data pskindalademod` has been moved to `lf indala demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
f2fc0a9c 186- `data askvikingdemod` has been moved to `lf viking demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
cf4640b9 187- `data fskpyramiddemod` has been moved to `lf pyramid demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
188- `data fskiodemod` has been moved to `lf io demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
189- `lf io fskdemod` has been renamed to `lf io read` (reads from antenna)
6cd2eef4 190- `data fskawiddemod` has been moved to `lf awid demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
191- `lf awid fskdemod` has been renamed to `lf awid read` (reads from antenna)
192- `data fskhiddemod` has been moved to `lf hid demod` (reads from graphbuffer)
193- `lf hid demod` has been renamed to `lf hid read` (reads from antenna)
35aa230e 194- all em410x demod and print functions moved to cmdlfem4x.c
195- `data askem410xdemod` has been moved to `lf em 410xdemod` (reads from graphbuffer)
196- `lf em 410xdemod` has been renamed to `lf em 410xread` (reads from antenna)
ebd95feb 197- hf mf dump - added retry loops to try each read attempt up to 3 times. makes getting a complete dump easier with many antennas.
b7fc61f0 198- small changes to lf psk and fsk demods to improve results when the trace begins with noise or the chip isn't broadcasting yet (marshmellow)
199- NOTE CHANGED ALL `lf em4x em*` cmds to simpler `lf em ` - example: `lf em4x em410xdemod` is now `lf em 410xdemod`
200- Renamed and rebuilt `lf em readword` && readwordpwd to `lf em 4x05readword` - it now demods and outputs the read block (marshmellow/iceman)
201- Renamed and rebuilt `lf em writeword` && writewordpwd to `lf em 4x05writeword` - it now also reads validation output from the tag (marshmellow/iceman)
89696b8b 202- Fixed bug in lf sim and continuous demods not turning off antenna when finished
203- Fixed bug(s) in hf iclass write
76ef5273 204- Fixed bug in lf biphase sim - `lf simask b` (and any tagtype that relies on it - gproxii...) (marshmellow)
205- Fixed bug in lf viking clone/sim (iceman)
206- Fixed broken `data askedgedetect` (marshmellow)
207- Adjusted hf mf sim command (marshmellow)
208 added auto run mfkey32 to extract all keys
209 also added f parameter to allow attacking with UIDs from a file (implies x and i parameters)
210 also added e parameter to allow adding the extracted keys to emulator memory for the next simulation
211 added 10 byte uid option
212- Added `[l] <length>` option to data printdemodbuffer (marshmellow)
213- Adjusted lf awid clone to optionally clone to Q5 tags (marshmellow)
214- Adjusted lf t55xx detect to find Q5 tags (t5555) instead of just t55x7 (marshmellow)
215- Adjusted all lf NRZ demods - works more accurately and consistently (as long as you have strong signal) (marshmellow)
216- Adjusted lf pskindalademod to reduce false positive reads. (marshmellow)
217- Small adjustments to psk, nrz, and ask clock detect routines - more reliable. (marshmellow)
218- Adjusted lf em410x em410xsim to accept a clock argument (marshmellow)
88f475cf 219- Adjusted lf t55xx dump to allow overriding the safety check and warning text (marshmellow)
220- Adjusted lf t55xx write input variables (marshmellow)
221- Adjusted lf t55xx read with password safety check and warning text and adjusted the input variables (marshmellow & iceman)
76ef5273 222- Adjusted LF FSK demod to account for cross threshold fluctuations (898 count waves will adjust the 9 to 8 now...) more accurate. (marshmellow)
88f475cf 223- Adjusted timings for t55xx commands. more reliable now. (marshmellow & iceman)
21a615cb 224- `lf cmdread` adjusted input methods and added help text (marshmellow & iceman)
7a8344d0 225- changed `lf config t <threshold>` to be 0 - 128 and will trigger on + or - threshold value (marshmellow)
76ef5273 226- `hf iclass dump` cli options - can now dump AA1 and AA2 with different keys in one run (does not go to multiple pages for the larger tags yet) (marshmellow)
c89274cc 227- Revised workflow for StandAloneMode14a (Craig Young)
2c3c08bd 228- EPA functions (`hf epa`) now support both ISO 14443-A and 14443-B cards (frederikmoellers)
c89274cc 229- 'hw version' only talks to ARM at startup, after that the info is cached. (pwpiwi)
59296346 230- Added `r` option to iclass functions - allows key to be provided in raw block 3/4 format
232## [2.2.0][2015-07-12]
475aefa5 233
b7eddc14 234### Changed
1c7d367e 235- Added `hf 14b raw -s` option to auto select a 14b std tag before raw command
b7eddc14 236- Changed `hf 14b write` to `hf 14b sriwrite` as it only applied to sri tags (marshmellow)
1c7d367e 237- Added `hf 14b info` to `hf search` (marshmellow)
60034782 238- Added compression of fpga config and data, *BOOTROM REFLASH REQUIRED* (piwi)
5ebdce44 239- Implemented better detection of mifare-tags that are not vulnerable to classic attacks (`hf mf mifare`, `hf mf nested`) (piwi)
b7eddc14 240
dd3d1b70 241### Added
1c7d367e 242- Add `hf 14b info` to find and print info about std 14b tags and sri tags (using 14b raw commands in the client) (marshmellow)
243- Add PACE replay functionality (frederikmoellers)
245### Fixed
246- t55xx write timing (marshmellow)
249## [2.1.0][2015-06-23]
616970b3 251### Changed
be10fe2f 252- Added ultralight/ntag tag type detection to `hf 14a read` (marshmellow)
253- Improved ultralight dump command to auto detect tag type, take authentication, and dump full memory (or subset specified) of known tag types (iceman1001 / marshmellow)
254- Combined ultralight read/write commands and added authentication (iceman1001)
acaeccf8 255- Improved LF manchester and biphase demodulation and ask clock detection especially for reads with heavy clipping. (marshmellow)
616970b3 256- Iclass read, `hf iclass read` now also reads tag config and prints configuration. (holiman)
2c772e6c 257- *bootrom* needs to be flashed, due to new address boundaries between os and fpga, after a size optimization (piwi)
259### Fixed
acaeccf8 260- Fixed EM4x50 read/demod of the tags broadcasted memory blocks. 'lf em4x em4x50read' (not page read) (marshmellow)
261- Fixed issue #19, problems with LF T55xx commands (iceman1001, marshmellow)
475aefa5 262- Fixed various problems with iso14443b, issue #103 (piwi, marshmellow)
264### Added
be10fe2f 265- Added `hf search` - currently tests for 14443a tags, iclass tags, and 15693 tags (marshmellow)
266- Added `hf mfu info` Ultralight/NTAG info command - reads tag configuration and info, allows authentication if needed (iceman1001, marshmellow)
267- Added Mifare Ultralight C and Ultralight EV1/NTAG authentication. (iceman1001)
268- Added changelog
270## [2.0.0] - 2015-03-25
271### Changed
272- LF sim operations now abort when new commands arrive over the USB - not required to push the device button anymore.
274### Fixed
275- Mifare simulation, `hf mf sim` (was broken a long time) (pwpiwi)
276- Major improvements in LF area and data operations. (marshmellow, iceman1001)
277- Issues regarding LF simulation (pwpiwi)
279### Added
280- iClass functionality: full simulation of iclass tags, so tags can be simulated with data (not only CSN). Not yet support for write/update, but readers don't seem to enforce update. (holiman).
281- iClass decryption. Proxmark can now decrypt data on an iclass tag, but requires you to have the HID decryption key locally on your computer, as this is not bundled with the sourcecode.
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