Emv scan via contact interface (#789)
[proxmark3-svn] / client / emv / cmdemv.c
2019-02-21 Oleg MoiseenkoEmv scan via contact interface (#789)
2019-02-12 pwpiwifix emv roca hash error (#781)
2019-02-09 pwpiwiemv/sc fixes and modifications: (#780)
2019-02-06 pwpiwiUpdate list of Certificate Authorities Public Keys...
2019-02-06 pwpiwiEVM fixes and additions (RRG repository PRs 78-82 by...
2019-02-01 pwpiwiAdding support for standard USB Smartcard Readers ...
2019-01-21 pwpiwiAdd ROCA vulnerability test (RRG repository PR 76 by...
2019-01-05 Fl0-0Fix PrintAndLogEx ERR (#748)
2019-01-05 pwpiwiEmv commands work with smartcard interface (RfidResearc...
2018-10-17 Oleg MoiseenkoEmv scan (#691)
2018-10-08 Oleg MoiseenkoAdded loading parameters from json to several emv comma...
2018-10-06 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Proxmark...
2018-10-01 Oleg Moiseenkomodify argtable parser to parse ints with spaces (...
2018-09-28 Oleg MoiseenkoAdded to `hf emv` commands: `gpo`, `readrec`, `genac...
2018-09-28 pwpiwiMerge branch 'emv_argtable' of https://github.com/merlo...
2018-09-24 Oleg MoiseenkoMerge branch 'master' into emv_argtable 671/head
2018-09-19 marshmellow42Merge branch 'master' into master 658/head
2018-09-18 merlokk`hf emv exec` works with argtable
2018-09-18 merlokkdelete unused procedure after merge
2018-09-18 Oleg MoiseenkoMerge branch 'master' into emv_argtable
2018-09-18 Oleg MoiseenkoAdded loading EMV transaction parameters from json...
2018-09-13 merlokksmall fixes in helps
2018-09-13 merlokkadd terminal decision to `genac` and small fixes
2018-09-13 merlokkadded CDA transaction to `hf emv genac`
2018-09-13 merlokkadded `intauth` and `genac` commands. works.
2018-09-12 merlokksmall fix
2018-09-12 merlokk`hf emv challenge` works
2018-09-12 merlokk`hf emv readrec` works and some changes in help
2018-09-12 merlokk`hf emv gpo` works
2018-09-11 merlokkadded new functions to `hf emv`
2018-09-11 merlokk`hf emv pse` and sketch for the other commands
2018-09-11 merlokkdelete old help
2018-09-11 merlokk`hf emv select` some refactoring
2018-09-11 merlokk`hf emv select`
2018-09-11 merlokkmove `hf emv search` to argtable
2018-01-06 IcemanMerge pull request #538 from merlokk/hardnestedsetsimd
2018-01-05 merlokkMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Proxmark/proxmark3...
2017-12-30 IcemanMerge pull request #533 from merlokk/chktd
2017-12-28 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' into fix_printf 534/head
2017-12-28 Pierre ProncheryKhorben/warnings (#519)
2017-12-23 Oleg MoiseenkoEmv4 - more additions to hf emv exec
2017-12-05 IcemanMerge pull request #507 from pwpiwi/fix_AVX512
2017-12-05 IcemanMerge pull request #504 from merlokk/emv3
2017-12-04 merlokksmall refactoring 504/head
2017-12-02 merlokktransactions MSD and M/Chip, qVSDC works
2017-12-02 IcemanMerge pull request #493 from merlokk/emv2
2017-11-28 IcemanMerge pull request #488 from pwpiwi/fix_usbpower
2017-11-25 merlokkoptimization UDOL creation. does not affect on function... 493/head
2017-11-25 merlokkAdded `hf emv exec` - command for execute EMV transaction
2017-11-25 merlokkpart of changes
2017-11-24 IcemanMerge pull request #486 from KenzyCarey/master
2017-11-22 Oleg MoiseenkoAdd: Emv first part of commands
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