2015-07-28 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #134 from VERTCraig/master
2015-07-26 Craig YoungAdding STL files for 3D printed coil forms 134/head
2015-07-25 Craig YoungMerging changes from main repo
2015-07-25 Craig YoungStand Alone Mode changes for NFC (part 2)
2015-07-21 Martin Holst... changelog docs
2015-07-21 Martin Holst... Implemented 'hw status' and 'hw ping', put back client...
2015-07-20 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #133 from marshmellow42/master
2015-07-20 Martin Holst... Minor changes in iso1443-standalone mode
2015-07-20 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 133/head
2015-07-20 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #130 from VERTCraig/StandAlone14a
2015-07-20 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #131 from holiman/master
2015-07-20 Martin Holst... Minor fix with previous cache-removal 131/head
2015-07-20 Martin Holst... Fixed some indentation
2015-07-20 Martin Holst... Reverted previous change to , I made it no longer cache...
2015-07-17 Martin Holst... Clear command buffer
2015-07-16 Martin Holst... Potential fix for 0-length usb packets seen on OSX
2015-07-16 Martin Holst... Fixed (?) issues from PR #129
2015-07-16 Martin Holst... Changed indentation to tabs
2015-07-16 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #129 from VERTCraig/master
2015-07-16 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-07-13 Craig YoungIntroducing a stand-alone mode for working with NFC... 130/head
2015-07-13 Craig YoungAdding usage information to 'lf awid' commands 129/head
2015-07-13 Craig YoungAdding 'lf awid' context to cmdlf.c
2015-07-13 Craig YoungUpdated
2015-07-13 Craig YoungAdding CMD_AWID_DEMOD_FSK to commands.lua
2015-07-13 Craig YoungAdding support for AWID26 realtime demodulation as...
2015-07-13 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #127 from frederikmoellers/master
2015-07-13 Frederik MöllersMention EPA Type A/B support in 127/head
2015-07-13 Frederik MöllersMerge upstream/master
2015-07-12 Martin Holst... New release with FPGA compression v2.2.0
2015-07-12 Martin Holst... Some info in the changelog
2015-07-12 Martin Holst... Fixed issue #94, so lua-script 'mifare_autopwn' reacts...
2015-07-11 marshmellow42initialize global variables.
2015-07-07 pwpiwi- fix: trace of hf mf mifare had always been cleared...
2015-07-06 marshmellow42fix white spaces
2015-07-06 Frederik MöllersISO 14443 type B support for EPA functionality
2015-07-06 Frederik MöllersSmall spacing-related cleanups
2015-07-06 marshmellow42more verification on FDX-B tag demod - reduce...
2015-07-04 marshmellow42add -ss to hf 14b raw for select of SRx chips
2015-07-04 marshmellow42fix my understanding of REQB vs WUPB
2015-07-02 marshmellow42small fixes to 14b info, added 14b sim cmds
2015-06-30 marshmellow42re-add piwi's trace memory fixes
2015-06-30 marshmellow42fix 14b raw -s option, + get rid of...
2015-06-30 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-06-30 marshmellow42update comments and changelog
2015-06-30 marshmellow42add -s to hf 14b raw to select a std 14b tag first
2015-06-29 marshmellow42fixed output bug in sri4k info output.
2015-06-29 marshmellow42fixed improper printBits usage.
2015-06-29 pwpiwi- fix: ensure that FpgaDownloadAndGo() is always called...
2015-06-29 pwpiwiMerge pull request #125 from pwpiwi/hf_mifare_fix
2015-06-29 marshmellow42add SRx tag lock bit to hf 14b info
2015-06-28 marshmellow42re-order 14b reader/info functions to avoid warnings
2015-06-28 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-06-28 marshmellow42change lf config threshold, hf 14b reader,
2015-06-27 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #122 from marshmellow42/master
2015-06-25 pwpiwifix compile error (issue #116): remove #include <time...
2015-06-25 pwpiwi(implementing suggestion #94) 125/head
2015-06-25 pwpiwifix: fpga_compressor file size check
2015-06-24 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 122/head
2015-06-24 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #123 from frederikmoellers/master
2015-06-24 Frederik MöllersFix comparison error in fpga_compress 123/head
2015-06-24 pwpiwiMerge pull request #109 from pwpiwi/image_shrink
2015-06-23 marshmellow42update change log for adjusted 14b write cmd
2015-06-23 marshmellow42add 14b info command
2015-06-23 Martin Holst... Changelog
2015-06-23 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #121 from frederikmoellers/master
2015-06-23 Martin Holst... Merge branch 'master' of
2015-06-23 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #118 from marshmellow42/master
2015-06-23 Martin Holst... Updated changelog v2.1.0
2015-06-23 marshmellow42fix bug in pskdemod return value if no samples... 118/head
2015-06-23 pwpiwiMerge pull request #114 from pwpiwi/iso14443b_fix
2015-06-22 pwpiwifixing iso14443b (issue #103): 114/head
2015-06-22 Frederik MöllersAdd PACE replay functionality 121/head
2015-06-21 pwpiwifixing iso14443b (issue #103):
2015-06-21 marshmellow42comment fudan check possibilities
2015-06-18 marshmellow42add ultralight compatible test
2015-06-18 pwpiwifixing iso14443b (issue #103):
2015-06-18 pwpiwiMerge pull request #120 from pwpiwi/fix_compile_errors
2015-06-18 pwpiwifix issue #116: remove includes of stdio.h in armsrc 120/head
2015-06-18 pwpiwifixing iso 14443b (issue #103):
2015-06-18 pwpiwifixing iso14443b (issue #103):
2015-06-17 pwpiwifixing iso14443b (issue #103):
2015-06-15 marshmellow42minor fixes
2015-06-14 marshmellow42Merge pull request #6 from marshmellow42/master
2015-06-14 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #117 from marshmellow42/master
2015-06-14 marshmellow42add comment 117/head
2015-06-14 marshmellow42bug fix. askdemod edits invert pointer, cannot be 0
2015-06-14 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #115 from marshmellow42/master
2015-06-12 marshmellow42revert t55xx start gap and write timing changes
2015-06-07 marshmellow42add clock to ask rawdemod outputs 115/head
2015-06-06 marshmellow42Modified kermit crc to use existing crc calc code
2015-06-04 marshmellow42fdx-b clean up
2015-06-04 marshmellow42Add CCITT Kermit CRC check for FDX-B demod
2015-06-04 marshmellow42add fdx-b to cmddata.h
2015-06-04 marshmellow42add fdx-b to lf search
2015-06-04 marshmellow42bug fix - biphase invert + fdx-b adjustments
2015-06-03 marshmellow42addition animal tags demod info
2015-06-03 marshmellow42Testing animal tags
2015-06-03 pwpiwifixing iso14443b (issue #103): fix timing issue (speedi...
2015-06-02 pwpiwifixing iso14443b (issue #103):
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