fix 'hf iclass replay' (#888)
[proxmark3-svn] / armsrc / iclass.c
2019-12-04 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass replay' (#888)
2019-11-19 pwpiwiMerge pull request #884 from pwpiwi/fix_iclass_snoop
2019-11-13 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass snoop'
2019-11-13 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass' (#879)
2019-10-30 pwpiwiMerge pull request #876 from pwpiwi/fix_iclass_reader
2019-10-27 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass reader' and 'hf iclass readblk' 876/head
2019-10-21 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass reader'
2019-10-21 pwpiwiMerge pull request #862 from pwpiwi/fix_iclass_sim
2019-10-08 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' into fix_iclass_sim 862/head
2019-10-08 pwpiwifix iclass reader functions
2019-10-08 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass sim'
2019-10-02 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass sim'
2019-09-25 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass sim':
2019-09-25 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass sim':
2019-09-24 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' into fix_iclass_sim
2019-09-24 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass sim':
2019-09-11 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass sim':
2019-09-10 pwpiwifix 'hf iclass sim'
2019-08-31 pwpiwifix hf iclass sim
2019-08-30 pwpiwiMerge pull request #861 from pwpiwi/iclass_MAC_speedup
2019-08-24 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' into iclass_MAC_speedup
2019-08-24 pwpiwiiclass.c: speeding up MAC calculation
2019-08-22 pwpiwicleaning up iclass.c and optimized_cipher.c
2019-06-06 pwpiwiupgrading 'hf mfu' (#830)
2019-03-15 Samson GamaAdded some LED utility functions (#802)
2019-02-20 pwpiwiAdd raw HF signal plotting (#786)
2019-01-12 pwpiwiFix 15 snoop (#752)
2018-09-19 marshmellow42Merge branch 'master' into master 658/head
2018-09-18 Oleg MoiseenkoMerge branch 'master' into emv_argtable
2018-09-15 pwpiwi rework iso14443b device functions including FPGA I...
2018-06-13 pwpiwiCode cleanup (#616)
2017-10-23 IcemanMerge pull request #438 from pwpiwi/fpga_14b
2017-10-20 pwpiwifix hf mf sim (issue #412) (#419)
2017-07-05 marshmellow42fix some iclass reader bugs (#350)
2017-06-23 IcemanMerge pull request #330 from marshmellow42/master
2017-06-23 marshmellow42bug fix for hf iclass reader and iclass detection 330/head
2016-12-19 IcemanMerge pull request #202 from marshmellow42/master
2016-11-29 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2016-11-29 marshmellow42fix iclass write
2016-04-03 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #168 from zhovner/master
2016-02-15 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into... 119/head
2016-02-15 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #162 from marshmellow42/CoverityFixes
2016-02-14 marshmellow42verify wait isn't null
2015-11-03 pwpiwiMerge branch 'topaz'
2015-10-13 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #140 from marshmellow42/iclass
2015-10-07 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'Proxmark/master' into...
2015-07-23 marshmellow42use read instead of readcheck except to auth
2015-07-21 marshmellow42iclass refactor/cleanup
2015-07-21 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2015-07-20 marshmellow42iclass additions
2015-07-01 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' into topaz
2015-06-30 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-06-29 pwpiwi- fix: ensure that FpgaDownloadAndGo() is always called...
2015-05-22 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #101 from marshmellow42/master
2015-05-12 marshmellow42HF Search - refactoring cmds to work with it
2015-04-08 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-04-08 Martin Holst SwendeFixed buffer initialization errors, as reported in...
2015-04-05 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' into topaz
2015-03-31 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #91 from marshmellow42/master
2015-03-29 Martin Holst SwendeMinor mod to 'hf iclass read', it now also reads and...
2015-03-04 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-03-02 Martin Holst SwendeiClass full simulation of tags now officially works... v2.0.0-rc1
2015-03-02 Martin Holst SwendeTag MAC finally works! (Full sim not yet, though)
2015-03-01 Martin Holst SwendeImplemented the correct way to calculate MAC from a...
2015-02-26 Martin Holst SwendeMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-26 Martin Holst SwendeImplemented new optimized version of MAC-calculation...
2015-02-21 Martin Holst SwendeFixed minor bugs in iclass fullsim, does not work yet...
2015-02-20 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-02-19 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #68 from iceman1001/feature
2015-02-19 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #67 from marshmellow42/master
2015-02-18 Martin Holst SwendeFurther implementation of iclass 'fullsim'. Moved proto...
2015-02-15 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 67/head
2015-02-14 Martin Holst SwendeFixed bug with iclass dump which prevented saving to...
2015-02-13 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #63 from marshmellow42/master
2015-02-10 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #58 from Proxmark/GenericTracing
2015-02-10 Martin Holst SwendeMerge branch 'master' into GenericTracing 58/head
2015-02-07 Martin Holst SwendeGeneric tracing; removed iso14a_XX-functions, removed...
2015-02-06 Martin Holst SwendeMerge branch 'master' into GenericTracing
2015-01-31 Martin Holst SwendeMerged with master 54/head
2015-01-29 Martin Holst SwendeReverted erroneous commit from bigbuf-rework
2015-01-28 pwpiwiBigBuf and tracing rework: allow much longer traces...
2015-01-27 pwpiwiRefactoring of BigBuf handling in order to prepare...
2015-01-20 iceman1001Merge branch 'master' of
2015-01-20 iceman1001Merge branch 'master' of
2015-01-18 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-01-15 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #44 from marshmellow42/master
2015-01-15 Martin Holst SwendeMinor dox
2015-01-15 Martin Holst SwendeMerge branch 'master' of
2015-01-15 Martin Holst SwendeFixed memory corruption after reader-attack in armsrc...
2015-01-15 Martin Holst SwendeImplemented new FPGA mode for iclass tag simulation...
2015-01-12 Martin Holst SwendeDocumentation to apps.h, documentation/renaming to...
2015-01-07 marshmellow42Merge branch 'master' of
2015-01-07 iceman1001Merge branch 'master' of
2015-01-07 Martin Holst SwendeSave iclass dumps to file, like mifare-dump functionali...
2015-01-06 iceman1001Merge branch 'master' of
2015-01-06 marshmellow42Merge pull request #3 from Proxmark/master
2015-01-05 iceman1001CHG: generic code clean up. Removal of commented code.
2015-01-04 Martin Holst SwendeMoved iclass crc to be based on a lookup table
2015-01-04 Martin Holst SwendeSome work on iclass dump and iclass list, now the dumpi...
2015-01-03 Martin Holst SwendeSome work on iclass, started on some better support...
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